Advanced user guide for brother mfc-j6710dw

Advanced user guide for brother mfc-j6710dw

Brother MFC-J6510DW Advanced User’s Manual Advanced user guide for brother mfc-j6710dw mfc-j6510dw: user guide. This Guide provides basic information about advanced network features of Brother machines along with general networking and common terms. Page 7: General Setup, Memory Storage, Volume Settings, Ring Volume General setup Memory storage Even if there is a power failure, you will not lose the settings you have chosen using the Menu key because they are stored permanently. Also, you will not lose your settings in the FAX, SCAN, COPY and PHOTO CAPTURE mode key menus if you have chosen Set New Default.

Page 8: Beeper Volume, Speaker Volume Chapter 1 Beeper Volume When the beeper is on, the machine will beep when you press a key, make a mistake, or after you send or receive a fax. You can choose a range of beeper volume levels, from High to Off. Page 9: Automatic Daylight Saving Time, Sleep Mode Automatic Daylight Saving Time You can set the machine to change automatically for daylight saving time. It will reset itself forward one hour in the Spring and backward one hour in the Fall. Page 10: Lcd Screen, Setting The Backlight Brightness, Setting The Dim Timer For The Backlight Chapter 1 LCD screen Setting the backlight brightness You can adjust the brightness of the LCD backlight. If you are having difficulty reading the LCD, try changing the brightness setting.

Press a or b to choose General Setup. Page 11: Dial Prefix, Setting Up The Prefix Number, Changing The Prefix Number Dial Prefix The Dial Prefix setting will automatically dial a predefined number before every fax number you dial. For example: If your telephone system requires a 9 to dial an outside number use this setting to automatically dial 9 for every fax you send. Page 12: Mode Timer Chapter 1 Mode Timer The machine has four temporary mode keys on the control panel: FAX, SCAN, COPY and PHOTO CAPTURE. If you choose Off, the machine stays in the mode you used last. Page 13: Security Features, Configuring Secure Function Lock, Secure Function Lock 2.

0 Restricted users must enter a user password to use the machine. Make a careful note of your password. If you forget it, please call Brother Customer Service. Only administrators can set limitations and make changes for each user. Re-enter the password in Confirm new password box. Page 15: Setting Up Restricted Users Changing the administrator password Click Administrator.

Enter a four-digit number for the new password in the New Password box. Re-enter the password in the Retype Password box. Setting up restricted users You can set up users with restrictions and a password. Switching Users, Changing To The Public Mode If you enter the wrong password, the LCD will show Wrong Password. Turning Secure Function Lock on Press Menu. Page 17: Sending A Fax, Additional Sending Options, Sending Faxes Using Multiple Settings, Stop Faxing, Contrast Sending a fax Additional sending options Sending faxes using multiple settings When you send a fax you can choose any combination of these settings: resolution, contrast, scan size, etc.

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