Bauer t610 service manual

Bauer t610 service manual

I climbed up again to 15,000 over Dungeness and spotted another Me 109 climbing into the sun. I caught him at about 20,000. He started to spin down to the left soon after I opened fire. I fired the remaining ammunition at bauer t610 service manual close range as he was spinning, but he presented an extremely difficult target.

When I broke off the attack his engine was ticking over slowly and he was still spinning violently and he appeared to be out of control. A and fired a good burst in a front quarter deflection attack. A then disappeared and was probably shot down. By this time I was down to sea level, and made for the English coast, taking violent evasive action. A few seconds later, about six Me.

109s flew across right in front of us. I don’t think they saw us till too late as we were coming out of the sun. Michael was leading Blue Section and I was leading Green, and immediately we swung our sections round and turned on to the tails of the enemy. They saw us – too late – and tried to escape by diving.

We all went down after them in one glorious rush and I saw Michael, who was about a hundred yards ahead of me, open fire at the last Messerschmidt in the enemy line. A few seconds later, this machine more or less fell to pieces in mid-air – some very nice shooting on Michael’s part. I distinctly remember him saying on the R. That’s got you, you bastard,’ though he never recollects it!

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