Bosch manual horno

Bosch manual horno

Page 3: Table Of Contents Installation 11 Bosch Combination Ovens . 3 Correctly Lifting the Combination Oven . Page 5: Important Safety Instructions, Appliance Handling Safety, Safety Definitions, Safety Information, Safety Codes And Standards 9 IMPORTANT SAFETY Bosch manual horno READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Appliance Handling Safety Safety Definitions Do not lift appliance by door handle.

Remove the lower oven door for easier handling and installation. Page 6: Safety Definitions 9 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Appliance Handling Safety Safety Definitions Do not lift appliance by door handle. Page 7: Related Equipment Safety 9 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Before installing, turn power OFF at the service panel. Lock service panel to prevent power from being turned ON accidentally. Refer to data plate for more information.

See “Data Plate” under “Service” for data plate location. Page 9: Preparation Combination Oven Pre-Assembly Checklist Preparation Use this checklist to verify that you have completed each step of the installation process. This can help you avoid Before You Begin mistakes. Before installing the oven, be sure to verify the Tools and Parts Needed cabinet dimensions are correct and the required electrical connections are present. Page 11: Removing Packaging Combination Oven Pre-Assembly Removing Packaging Preparing Ovens 1. Cut straps on the outside of the boxes.

Remove the upper boxed unit of the combination oven. Place ovens in front of the cabinet where it is to be installed 3. Perform the following steps on both units of the so that they are in line with the cabinet cutout. Page 12: Installation Installation Pre-Assembly of the 1.

Install both universal connector brackets on top of the lower oven using six of the screws provided. Tighten Combination Oven screws securely, but do not overtighten. Note: The universal connector brackets are interchange- Combination ovens require the units be assembled able for the left and right sides of the oven. Page 13: Installation With The Steam Convection Oven 3. Place the speed microwave oven unit on top of the 2.

Tighten the screws securely, but bracket to be postioned there. Page 14: To The Lower Oven Note: The universal connector brackets are interchange- steam convection oven into place on the universal able for the left and right sides of the oven. Be sure the connector brackets, allow these screw heads to slide taller vertical edge of the bracket is positioned to the out- into the slots as shown in the illustration below. HBL5751UC, HBL8751UC, 40 AMP HBLP751UC, HSLP751UC The electrical supply should be a 4-wire single-phase AC. Page 16: The Wall Cabinet Installing the Combination Three-wire Connection Oven into the Wall Cabinet power supply junction box NOTICE red wires black wires Before installing the combination oven, be sure to white, bare, or verify the cabinet dimensions and electrical green wire UL listed connections. Page 17: Correctly Lifting The Combination Oven 4.

Holding the door firmly on both sides and using both hands, close the door gently until it stops against the latch levers, about 30º from the closed position. Carefully lift the door up and out of the hinge slots. Page 18: Installing The Oven Into The Cabinet Placing the Combination Oven Into the Cabinet Opening 9 CAUTION To avoid damage to the door do not lift, pull or push the unit during installation by using any oven door handle as a gripping point. When lifting the combined unit into place, avoid grasping the upper element to avoid damaging it.

Page 19: Re-install The Lower Oven Door Re-Install the lower oven door: 1. Hold the door firmly in both hands. Insert the hinges into the slots. You may need to rock the door forward and backward slightly to seat the hinge feet. Page 20: Before Calling Service Before Calling Service Speed Microwave Oven Data Plate See the Use and Care Manual for each unit of the combination oven for troubleshooting information. Refer to the Statement of Limited Warranty in the Use and Care Manuals. To reach a service representative, see the contact information at the front of the Use and Care Manual.

Page 22: Irvine, Ca 11 Fours combinés Bosch . Toute installation, réparation ou maintenance inadéquate peut 9 AVERTISSEMENT entraîner des blessures ou des dommages matériels. Pour faciliter l’installation et améliorer chaque four combiné Bosch et de ses deux modules l’alignement, les modules de four sont assemblés intégrés. Seuls les modules des fours combinés chez le consommateur plutôt qu’à l’usine. Page 27: Avant De Commencer Pré-assemblage de four combiné ___ 1 . Avant d’installer le four, prendre bien soin de vérifier Préparation que les dimensions de l’armoire sont correctes pour votre appareil et que les raccordements électriques requis sont présents. Couper les bandes à l’extérieur des boîtes d’emballage.

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