Broadcast pix user manual

Broadcast pix user manual

Page 3: Table Of Contents Operations . 9-30 Clock 4-9 Navigation Control 9-33 Tuner . If you notice that the unit is releasing smoke or a strange smell, consult an Authorised Mahindra Dealer. Page 6: Cd Handling , broadcast pix user manual t c .

Keep the CDs in their boxes or in any other source that protects them from being scratched. CDs which are not round shaped some labels have commercialised several can not be used encoded music disks with copyrights protection. Page 11: Clock Tuner option will always volume knob for adjustment be available. Page 12: Radio Operations Use the volume knob for frequency a d j u s t s .

Or if there is any seconds automatically. The CD will be then ejected and the unit will change to tuner source. Press the key to open folders – 512. The sequence of the RPT TRACK REPEAT button press. RANDOM OFF RDM FOLDER RDM DISC RDM FOLDER. Page 19 Balance plays the music volume levels at volume.

Page 20 Bass Treble Balance Fade Equalizer Bass. User can select any of the equalizer setting by operating the volume knob. The volume knob will toggle between the settings Classic Jazz Rock Classic. The bottom portion is for HVAC details. The Infrared based remote control shall have 21 buttons and provide all the features of fascia switches. However the activities relating to HFP access of Bluetooth and setup will be disabled. All the audio functions will is turned on.

All audio features are active be deactivated in this mode. 1 hour, and the display is active without HVAC graphics. Driver Information’s are disabled in this mode. Default level setting for all these will be zero.

Fade adjusted time and exit On selecting the Mahindra Modes, user level will be used by the tuner, CD, AUX can avail the 3 pre-defined equalizer audio sources. Similarly the news alerts can be activated through tuner menu selection. NOTICE TA feature may work only if Traffic announcement broadcast is avail- able. Display will show the icon to Display will show the icon indicate that repeat is activated.

Page 36: Playing An Aux AUX connector, the audio can be output via the In order to connect additional Aux speakers of infotainment system. During this time the graphics will show the below screen. Page 38 Then the pairing audio device, they will get connected and action will be aborted and infotainment the pop up screen will be as follows. Page 39 The following screens will be displayed in wrong pin entry case pairing will be failed screen. Infotain- ment system will revert to previous audio source. Page 40 When the connected BT phone is active the music can be played from it.

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