Catalogo ikusi pdf

Catalogo ikusi pdf

IKUSI SPI-300 Setup Manual Mti xpsk-cofdm transmodulators. Page 2: Table Catalogo ikusi pdf Contents Index ThE START SCREENS 1. 1 – Module Basic Information .

7 2 – PROGRAMMING SCREEN – SETTINGS 2. Page 3 As explained in the Basic Handling guide supplied with the SPI-300, when you connect it to the module all data for identification, configura- tion and status of the module are loaded on the SPI-300. Page 4: Main Menus Programming the MTI Transmodulators 1. General and Language menu is identical for all the ClassA modules. The Set- tings and Info menus include, however, options and information which are peculiar to each type of module. Page 5: Settings Menu Save command.

This menu is useful to quickly load repetitive data in multiple modules. Save: Saves the module configuration in the memory of the SPI-300 remote. TS Processing : It must be selected to carry out the Transport Stream processing operations. Conditional Access : Through this section, access to operator services reception of the encrypted signal is obtained. Tmp : Internal temperature of the module. CAM : Operating of the Conditional Access Module.

Code : This is a global alarms code that is useful when contacting IKUSI’s technical support. To change the language, press “4” on the numerical keypad. Mode : It refers to the number of subcarriers of the output channel. Attenuation : Is the attenuation for the COFDM channel output level.

Action : Open the list using the SEL command on your SPI-300. Page 13: Output Programming the MTI Transmodulators option. When a CA is unblocked, the PIDs of the ECM and EMM are unblocked and the tables are updated. Block Conditional Access : Idem to block a CA. Page 14 Programming the MTI Transmodulators NOTE : If you enter the number “0” for the NID parameter, both the name and the NID of the output network will be the same as those of the input network.

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