Doogee x6 pro user guide

Doogee x6 pro user guide

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TIPSWill a Chinese smartphone work in the UK? Has Cubot jumped on the bezel-less bandwagon with the Cubot X18? When I first reviewed the Cubot X17 back in 2015, I was amazed that you could get great features, great build-quality and a full-HD screen in a slimline budget smartphone. Cubot X18 Plus which both come with new 18:9 aspect ratio displays and all new designs. 720, but we’re still going to be seeing pixels! When we take a look at the hardware inside the X18, it’s a little underwhelming. X’ in the name, the X18 definitely doesn’t have the Android X-Factor.

Seeing the Cubot X18 hands-on, I realised that it’s nowhere near a bezel-less as the photos on Cubot website make out. Connectivity in this full hands-on review. Update: there’s going to be an improved X18 Plus coming soon. DisplayI like that smaller manufacturers like Cubot have jumped on the 18:9 aspect ratio for smartphone displays. Our hands aren’t getting any bigger so having a slimline phone makes sense, especially knowing that most of the content we now consume is vertical. 1280 resolution display which coupled with the 5. 7 inch size means we’re seeing pixels.

The display isn’t bad, but at this price-point you can get a full-HD device and enjoy a much crisper experience. The display itself doesn’t lack vibrancy but doesn’t match up to the Sharp displays I’ve see in a lot of recent smartphones. This doesn’t affect you when viewing the phone straight on but is slightly odd. In terms of design, the Cubot X18 looks much better in the advertising photos than in real-life. The back of the phone is made from a thin highly reflective plastic which looks good in the light, but feels cheap in your hand. The Doogee BL5000 does a much better job in this department.

Thanks to the 18:9 form factor and the curvature of the Cubot X18, it’s a very comfortable smartphone to hold and is easy to use one-handed as well. It feels light in your hand at 170 grams considering the large 5. Kudos to Cubot for keeping the X18 on a diet. SoftwareI feel a little let down by the specs on the Cubot X18.

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