Efco service manual

Efco service manual

Mitox 25C-SP Efco service manual Grass Trimmer 2 Stroke 25cc The Mitox 25C-SP is the basic model in the Mitox Grass Trimmer range. Designed for homeowners who require an easy to use petrol grass trimmer for light domestic use around the lawn, the 25C-SP is a strimmer powered by a 25. 4cm3 engine with a choke and primer bulb meaning that starting the engine couldn’t be simpler.

A powerful easy to start 25. 4cc engine featuring a primer bulb and chokepowers the Mitox 25C-SP grass trimmer. The 25C-SP petrol trimmer features a loop handle for ease of use in trimming and edging positions . The auto bump nylon line trimmer head included with the Mitox 25C-SP releases more line as required with a simple bump on the ground so you can continue grass trimming without the need to switch off the machine. This article needs additional citations for verification. A chainsaw is a portable, mechanical saw which cuts with a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain that runs along a guide bar.

Typical of the earliest chainsaws, this Dolmar saw is operated by two men. The origin is debated, but a chainsaw-like tool was made around 1830 by the German orthopaedist Bernhard Heine. Bens of San Francisco on January 17, 1905. His intent being to fell giant redwoods. The first portable chainsaw was developed and patented in 1918 by Canadian millwright James Shand.

1947, the forerunner of Pioneer Saws. Ltd and part of Outboard Marine Corporation, the oldest manufacturer of chainsaws in North America. The early models were heavy, two-person devices with long bars. Often chainsaws were so heavy that they had wheels like dragsaws. Other outfits used driven lines from a wheeled power unit to drive the cutting bar. After World War II, improvements in aluminum and engine design lightened chainsaws to the point where one person could carry them.

Chainsaws have almost entirely replaced simple man-powered saws in forestry. They come in many sizes, from small electric saws intended for home and garden use, to large “lumberjack” saws. Members of military engineer units are trained to use chainsaws as are firefighters to fight forest fires and to ventilate structure fires. There are three main types of chainsaw sharpeners – Handheld File, Electric Chain Saw and Bar Mounted. The traditional carburetor needs to be adjusted, i. Electrically influenced carburetors make all adjustments automatically.

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