Eyeglass repair instructions

Eyeglass repair instructions

Please try again in a few minutes. Please eyeglass repair instructions again in a few minutes.

Free patterns and lessons to help you create your own, unique clothing items. Use our patterns and tutorials to boost your imagination. Create and customize your own patterns. Replace broken plastic hook with durable, metal hook.

No need to buy special, hard to find, expensive bras. Make your own prosthesis pouch and easily move from bra to bra. Learn to custom fit and alter style: skinny leg, flare, long, crop or cuffed. Sew or no-sew super hero cape.

Learn how to alter pants or a pants pattern to your desired waistline. Add a drawstring for a comfy fit. Use an existing sweatshirt or tee shirt pattern to create a robe pattern – complete with pockets! Cut and embellish a tee shirt and show your school spirit.

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