Fan coil unit service manual

Fan coil unit service manual

Service Literature Optimize your service business with Lennox service literature fan coil unit service manual ensure effective, efficient service each and every time. York FAN COIL YVC on manualslib.

Operation Manual Fan coil air conditioners. 2-Pipe units have one water coil. 4-Pipe units have two water coils. Changeover is used to select heating or cooling mode. YORK International does not recommend “fan cycle” applications for cooling on unit mounted thermostats.

For proper operation, control valve must be normally closed. Parts List These documents can be ordered through Publications Dept. VERTICAL UNITS ONLY – YVC, YWC, YVF, YVS AIR FLOW FIG. Page 3: Installation, Receiving, Storage, Prepare Wall For Mounting YVS or YVF unit to gain access to the coil, drain connections and electrical junction box. To accomplish this: YORK INTERNATIONAL INSTALLATION 1. All chilled water piping must be insulated to prevent condensation.

Prior to connecting to the fan coil, all external piping must be purged of debris. Page 6 Remove or cover the secondary drain pan before soldering the supply and return coil connections as hot solder or the torch flame may damage the pan. 6 – DRAIN PAN FORM 115. 12 Have two openings 2″ apart centered on center line FIG. Page 10 58″ 68″ 74″ 82″ FORM 115. Check tightness of all motor base and mounting bolts. Page 12: Maintenance FILTERS Clean or Replace Air Filters Regu- larly P.

MAINTENANCE The intervals at which filters require replacement depend on local conditions. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Don’t show me this message again. Carrier 42 SERIES Application Data Fan coil units control selection guide for fan coil air conditioners. Manufacturer reserves the right to discontinue, or change at any time, specifications or designs without notice and without incurring obligations. Page 2: Table Of Contents CONTROL SELECTION GUIDE .

4-8 Manual Fan Control 4 Thermostatic Fan Control, 2-Pipe Systems . Page 3: Control Selection Guide Use this guide to make sure that all necessary components are provided for and that the components are compatible with the required control system. NOTE: When thermostatic fan control is selected or when unit outside air dampers are used, unit-mounted thermostats are not recommended as their use will result in poor room temperature sensing. Page 4: Standard Wiring Packages, Manual Fan Control, Pipe Systems STANDARD WIRING PACKAGES IMPORTANT: Wiring diagrams shown depict typical control functions. Refer to unit wiring label for spe- cific functions. Manual Fan Control — On all Vertical Cabinet units, the standard fan-speed switch is furnished unit-mounted and wired.

Page 5: Thermostatic Fan Control 2-pipe System With Safety Cycle, Thermostatic Electric Valve Control, 2-pipe Thermostatic Fan Control, 2-Pipe System with Safety Cycle — This control is used for high humidity situations in which condensate problems can occur if fan is turned off while chilled water is still running through the coil. Thermostatic 2-Pipe Auxiliary Electric Heat with Valve Control — This system, also called Twi- light or Intermediate Season electric heat, goes a long way towards solving the spring and fall control problems of 2-pipe systems. It is there- fore possible, just as with 4-pipe systems, to have heating or cooling at any time of the year. Thermostatic Valve Control, 4-Pipe — system provides the ultimate in economy and room tem- perature control. Both hot water and chilled water are avail- able at any time. Normally an automatic changeover thermostat is used, but a manual changeover thermostat is also suitable. Page 9: Electric Heat, Application, Heater Construction, Heater Electrical Data ELECTRIC HEAT Application — Electric heaters are available for in-stallation on Carrier fan coil units in the following applications.

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