Gardena sileno anleitung

Gardena sileno anleitung

The documentation has gardena sileno anleitung to openhab. Please use the link below to be redirected to the new version of this article, and update your bookmarks.

Gardena Binding This is the binding for Gardena Smart Home. This binding allows you to integrate, view and control Gardena Smart Home devices in the openHAB environment. The schedules are not yet integrated! Discovery An account must be specified, all things for an account are discovered automatically.

Once a connection to an account is established, connected Things are discovered automatically. Offline status is not always valid. I’m using the connection_status property Gardena sends for each device, but it seems not to be very reliable. My watering control for example shows offline, but it is still working. I have to press the button on the device, then the status changed to online.

My mower always shows online, regardless of whether it is switched on or off. When the binding sends a command to a device, it communicates only with the Gardena online service. It has not control over, whether the command is sent from the online service via your gateway to the device. It’s the same as if you send the command in the Gardena App. 2018 by the openHAB Community and the openHAB Foundation e. Gardena R40Li Manuals Manuals and User Guides for Gardena R40Li.

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