Gds service manual team

Gds service manual team

Having a digital strategy is gds service manual team. But a strategy lacks a lot of tactical detail. Details that are essential to success.

Details that you need to communicate to colleagues. That is where a service manual can help. Many of my engagements with clients follows a similar pattern. First there is a discovery phase. What we discover becomes the basis of a strategy. A strategy that addresses friction in the user journey. A strategy that highlights inefficiency in the use of digital.

A strategy that addresses governance and staffing. The strategy is a valuable tool. It helps identify objectives, focuses on user needs and addresses issues surrounding governance. Most of all it is a business case for change.

One that you can use to convince management. A service manual is an invaluable tool often lacking from organisations digital arsenal. For many the Government Digital Service has become a template for how to deliver modern digital services. They have indeed learned a lot.

They have learned to prototype, test and iterate. They have embraced the alpha, beta and live stages. But they have ignored a key deliverable produced by the Government Digital Service. The GDS Service Manual is a crucial deliverable.

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