Handleiding gsm aeg m1220

Handleiding gsm aeg m1220

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Page 3: Safety And Precautions BECAUSE WE CARE Thank you for purchasing this product. This product has been designed and assembled with utmost care for you and the environment. This is why we supply this product with a quick installation guide to reduce the amount of paper used and therefore save trees to be cut for making this paper. Page 4 during the flight, unless the airline specifically allow it. Be careful when using the mobile phone in the vicinity of devices such as pacemakers, hearing aids and other electro-medical equipment, which may be affected by mobile phones.

Never attempt to disassemble the phone by yourself. Page 5 protection against external radio signals, or if you have any questions. Wherever there are notices to forbid use of mobile phones, you should comply. Hospitals and other health care facilities sometimes use equipment that can be sensitive to external radio signals. Pacemaker Pacemaker manufacturers recommend a distance of at least 15 cm. Page 6: Box Content Turn off the unit at filling stations i.

Follow the restrictions that are in force on the use of radio equipment near places where fuel is stored and sold, chemical factories and places where blasting is in progress. Areas with risk for explosion are often, but not always, clearly marked. 1 quick start guide Keep the packing materials in a safe place in case you later need to transport the device. IMPORTANT Your handset is not supplied with a SIM card, you will need to insert a SIM card for the handset to work correctly. Meaning 1 Earpiece Left Soft Perform function displayed on screen above the key. Right Perform function displayed Soft Key on screen above the key.

Press to adjust receiving volume during a call. In edit mode : press to input symbols. In Standby, press and hold to switch user profiles. In edit mode : press to change input method. Page 10 Meaning Meeting sound profile on Outdoor sound profile on Indoor sound profile on New SMS Indicates you have new unread text . On with signal strength when linked. Battery charge level Internal segments cycle during charging.

Alarm On if alarm is set. Page 11: Installation And Setup INSTAllATION AND SETUP The phone requires a valid 2G type SIM card to work correctly, and can operate with two SIM cards, if required. Using others may be dangerous and will invalidate approvals or warranty. Do not charge with the back cover removed. Connect the charger lead firmly into the micro- USB socket in the bottom edge of the handset.

Page 13 Note: The phone can also charge from a computer USB port, and transfer files if USB mass storage is selected. To switch on, press and hold until the display turns on. To switch off, press and hold until the display turns off. Page 14: Making And, Answering Calls MAKING AND ANSWERING CAllS To make a call Ensure the phone is switched on and in service. Key in the telephone number including area code. Press to dial the number on the display. Press Menu, select Phonebook, and OK.

Press Menu, select Phonebook, and OK once. View via the Menu and Calls, where you can view separate lists for Missed calls, Dialled calls, Received calls, or Delete call logs. Press OK to display the options: Write to write a new message. Inbox to go to your inbox to read received texts.

To send, press Send key . Press Menu then to show Messaging and OK to select. Flashlight: You can select flashlight off activated or auto. Size select: You can select 960×1280, 480×640, 240×320, brightness. Contast: You can select adjust contast.

Exposure bias: You can select adjust exposure. WB: You can select auto, incandescence, fluorescent, sunny day, cloud, color . Quality : You can select low Normal ,Advanced. Banding: You can select banding 50HZ or 60HZ. Auto save: You can auto save Off or Activate. Storage: You can select the storage Memory Card. Page 22 Note: The connection can be subject to interference from obstructions such as walls or from other electronic devices.

Alarm: You can set 5 alarm. 1 In the edit alarm interface, you can set On or Off, Time , Repeat, Snooze and Alert type. Sound recorder: You can sound recorder. Press Menu to enter setting and press to find the settings you want 13. Restore factory settings: You can restore factory setting use password number: 0000 13. 2 Display You can set Wallpaper, Idle display settings, Contrast, Backlight, Keypad backlight.

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