Hitachi dc inverter mode d’emploi

Hitachi dc inverter mode d’emploi

To obtain the best performance and ensure years of trouble free hitachi dc inverter mode d’emploi, please read this instruction manual completely. Do not use any conductor as fuse wire, this could cause fatal accident. During thunder storm, disconnect the plug top or turn off the circuit breaker. Spray cans and other combustibles should not be located within a meter of the air outlets of both indoor and outdoor units.

When the device is operated for a total of about 200 hours, the FILTER lamp lights indicates that it is time to clean the filter. This controls the operation of the indoor unit. The range of control is about 7 meters. If indoor lighting is controlled electronically, the range of control may be shorter, in some cases, the control signal may not be received. This unit can be fixed on a wall using the fixture provided. If there is a power failure, operation will be automatically restarted when the power is resumed with previous operation mode and airflow direction.

As the operation is not stopped by remote controller. If you intend not to continue the operation when the power is resumed, switch off the power supply. C, the dehumidifying function will not work. Page 11: Fan Operation FAN OPERATION You can use the device simply as an air circulator. Use this function to dry the interior of the indoor unit at the end of summer. The time indication will disappear automatically in 10 seconds.

Page 15: Adjusting The Air Deflectors, How To Exchange The Batteries In The Remote Controller ADJUSTING THE AIR DEFLECTORS Adjustment of the conditioned air in the upward and downward directions. The horizontal air deflector is automatically set to the proper angle suitable for each operation. Page 16 MAINTENANCE CAUTION Cleaning and maintenance must be carried out only by qualified service personal. Before cleaning, stop operation and switch off the power supply.

AIR FILTER When the filter indicator lamp comes on, be sure to clean the filter. By doing so, the power rates are saved. Remove the front panel and wash with clean water. Wash it with a soft sponge. After using neutral detergent, wash thoroughly with clean water.

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