Jenn air service manuals

Jenn air service manuals

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Jenn-Air JGD8348CDP Service Manual Gas cooktops. Page 2: Important Information Important Information Pride and workmanship go into every product jenn air service manuals provide our customers with quality products. It is possible, however, that during its lifetime a product may require service.

Page 3: Table Of Contents Do Not Block Air Vents . 2 Location of Model Number . 9 Ducting Instructions, Model JGD8348CDP . Page 4: Safety Information Safety Information As with all appliances, there are certain rules to follow for WARNING safe operation. Verify everyone who operates the cooktop is familiar with the operations and with these precautions. This gas appliance contains or produces a chemical or chemicals which are known to the state of California to Use appliance only for its intended purpose as described. Page 5: Safety Practices For Servicer Safety Information Safety Practices for Servicer Before Installing Safe and satisfactory operation of gas cooktops depend Installing the gas cooktop in compliance with local upon its design and proper installation.

When installing CGA units, breaker or fuse. Page 7: Product Safety Devices Safety Information Product Safety Devices Safety devices and features have been engineered into the product to protect consumer and servicer. Safety devices must never be removed, bypassed, or altered in such a manner as to defeat the purpose for which they were intended. Page 9: Do Not Block Air Vents Purchase replacement parts and accessories over the information. For Jenn-Air product call 1-800-688-1100 or visit the Web Site at www. For product in Canada call 1-866-587-2002 or visit the This cooktop must be placed in the kitchen or Web Site at www. Page 10: Cooktop Description General Information For 15 amp circuits only.

Do not use an adapter on 20 When disconnecting power cord from adapter, always amp. Where local codes permit, a TEMPORARY hold adapter with one hand. If this is not done, adapter CONNECTION may be made to properly grounded two- ground terminal is very likely to break with repeated use. Verify proper grounding before checking for trouble.

Be careful of any high voltage circuit. Page 13: Component Testing Procedures Verify gas is supplied. Adjust set screw for simmer control. Burner valve, Verify gas is supplied. Page 14 Illustration Component Test Procedure Results Venturi, front Nominal air shutter setting. 32″ JGD8348CDP Venturi, rear Nominal air shutter setting. 32″ JGD8348CDP Tube, front Nominal air shutter setting.

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