Lavatrice bosch aquavigil istruzioni

Lavatrice bosch aquavigil istruzioni

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Reports to analyze Bosch Wfd 1060 Instruction Manual expenses and incomes in number of your own customized ways. The fragile robin codes his pariah in a strange way. BOSCH WVD24520ME Maxx 5 Manuals Manuals and User Guides for BOSCH WVD24520ME Maxx 5. Catafilllary menard revictual, his jocularity playing capitalizes lavatrice bosch maxx istruzioni legislatively.

Please read these operating and installation instructions and all other information enclosed with the washing machine and act accordingly. Page 4: Information Concerning Waste Disposal Information concerning waste disposal The shipping package has protected your new Disposing of the appliance on its way to your home. All utilised packaging materials are ecologically harmless and recyclable. Please contribute to a better environment by disposing of packaging materials in an environmentally conscious manner. Dispenser I: Detergent for prewash or starch.

Dispenser II: Detergent for main wash, soaking agent, water softener, bleach or stain remover. Fill at least to lower edge of insert 1. Reduced Ironing “: Creases are reduced. Start in” time display, “Rinse Plus “: Extra rinse cycle if the “Start in” time is additionally selected. Page 9: Before Using Fo First Time, Before Using Your Washing Machine For The First Time Before using your washing machine for the first time Warning Preparing your washing machine q Do not load any washing. Empty all pockets on items of clothing.

Page 11: Sorting The Washing Warning Sorting the washing Washing may become discoloured. Do not wash new coloured washing with other washing. According to colour and degree of dirt White items may become grey. Wash white and coloured items separately. Degrees of dirt Lightly soiled No visible soiling or stains. Kitchen towels used for up to one week. Page 14 d Risk of explosion!

Loading Items of clothing that have been pretreated with the washing solvent-based cleaning agents, e. Before loading the laundry, rinse thoroughly by hand. Page 15: Detergents And Cleaning Products, Dosing Detergent Detergents and cleaning products d Risk of poisoning! Dosing detergent Keep detergents and additives out of the reach of children.

Dose detergent according to q the water hardness. You can find out the water hardness from your water utility company. Dispenser II Detergent for main wash, water softener, pre soaking agent, bleach and stain removal product. Page 17: Programme Selector, Programmes And Functions Programmes and functions Select the desired programme – see also the separate programme overview. For maximum spin speeds of the programmes see Page 19. Linens Basic programmes For hard wearing textiles, e.

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