Makita 5703r bedienungsanleitung

Makita 5703r bedienungsanleitung

Print version Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version. If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages makita 5703r bedienungsanleitung the manual, you can use them. Summary of the content on the page No.

Check lower guard for proper closing before 21. Place the wider portion of the saw base on that each use. Do not operate the saw if lower guard part of the workpiece which is solidly supported, does not move freely and close instantly. Never not on the section that will fall off when the cut is clamp or tie the lower guard into the open posi- made. Wear a dust mask and hearing protection when use the tool.

WARNING: MISUSE or failure to follow the safety rules stated in this instruction manual may cause serious personal injury. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Removing or installing saw blade The following blade can be used with this tool. Blade thickness Kerf 5603R 165 mm 150 mm Less than 1. Set the base plate on the workpiece to be cut without the blade making any contact.

Then turn the tool on and wait until the blade attains full speed. Now simply move the tool forward over the workpiece surface, keeping it flat and advancing smoothly until the sawing is completed. To get clean cuts, keep your sawing line straight and your speed of advance uniform. Gebruik een bot of beschadigd zaagblad niet 10. Controleer voor ieder gebruik of de onderste meer. Niet-geslepen of verkeerd gezette tanden beschermkap goed sluit. Gebruik de cirkelzaag maken een smalle zaagsnede wat leidt tot grote niet als de onderste beschermkap niet vrij kan wrijving, vastlopen en terugslag.

Houd het zaag- bewegen en onmiddellijk sluit. Zet de onderste blad scherp en schoon. Wees extra voorzichtig bij het zagen in nat hout, 22. Probeer nooit te zagen waarbij de cirkelzaag druk-behandeld timmerhout en hout met knoes- ondersteboven in een bankschroef is geklemd. Pas de snelheid van het zagen aan zodat de cir- Dit is uiterst gevaarlijk en kan leiden tot ernstig kelzaag soepel vooruit blijft gaan zonder dat de persoonlijk letsel. Gebruik geen zaagbladen waarvan de schijf dikker is of zaagsneden. How do you set the blades on a makita model M101?

Ch eck lower guard for prop er closi ng before each use . D o not o perate the saw i f lower gu ard does no t move freely an d close insta ntly . Never cl amp or tie t he lo we r gua rd into th e open posi- tion. If saw is accid entally dro pped, lower guard m a y be bent. W ear a dus t mas k and he arin g pr otect ion whe n use the tool . SA V E TH ESE INST RUCTION S. W ARNING: MISUS E or failure to follow the safety rules state d in this in structi on manu al may cau se serio us persona l injury .

OPERA TING INSTR UCTIONS Removi ng or instal ling sa w blad e The following blade ca n be u sed with t his tool. Hol d the t ool firml y . Set th e base pl ate on the wo rkpie ce to be cut with out the blade maki ng any contact. T hen tur n the tool on and wait until the blade attai ns full speed.

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