Burrs are always created where the crossholes exist. Getting at the burrs, let alone removing them, can be a real challenge. A handful of methods are commonly employed for manual-festo with these burrs: sandblasting, extrude hone, and of course, manual deburring with knives, abrasive stones, brushes, burs, etc. While effective to varying degrees, these methods have their drawbacks.

Often deburring is an out-sourced operation. The extra handling, movement, queue, transport, etc. Done Corporation developed the ORBITOOL in response to this situation. It is the only deburring tool capable of in-process deburring of cross-drilled holes.

The tool is used just like any cutting tool found on a lathe turret or tool magazine of a milling machine. It removes burrs specifically from the intersection of the crossholes. The operation can be tailored to leave a minimally broken edge or a blended radius. We suggest a manual lathe for this exercise, preferably one not involved in production, as it makes sense not to tie up a piece of production equipment when trying out a new process. Most shops have a manual lathe sitting idle somewhere. Setting up a manual lathe for using ORBITOOL use is straightforward and clearly illustrates the principles of operation, i.

We are confident that you will be impressed with the tool and will want to introduce it into your production. Contact us for help with specific process parameters. We can also provide a CNC program macro to help get you up and running with ORBITOOL. If however, after completing the exercise, you are not satisfied with the results, you can return the tool to J.

Please include credit references with initial order. We maintain an inventory of standard tools and can usually ship the same day. Our standard procedure is to ship UPS ground, insured, and add this to the invoice. If you have special shipping requirements, be sure to specify them at the time your order is placed. Non-standard tools are quoted upon request. Buy from your preferred tool supplier. Have your preferred supplier contact us.

We had for years sold them carbide burrs to deburr their parts. They switched to the ORBITOOL and are so happy with the new tool they went out and found us a customer to buy the rest of the carbide burrs so that they wouldn’t have to use them. Now all we stock for this customer is ORBITOOL. Ted Warren, General Manager, John M. I have been using the J. Done deburring system for about two years now as a stand-alone system for deburring the intersections of titanium tees and elbows.

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