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Matura leader pdf

Jump to navigation Jump to search “Globocnik” redirects here. He was a Nazi and later an SS leader. The same year, Odilo Globočnik joined the army, via a military school. The war ended his matura leader pdf education prematurely.

Odilo and his family moved to Klagenfurt in Carinthia. He performed jobs, such as carrying suitcases at the railway station, in order to help support the family financially. Globočnik first appeared in politics in 1922, when he became a prominent member of pre-Nazi Carinthian paramilitary organisations and was seen wearing a swastika. At the time, he was a building tradesman, introduced to this while engaged to Grete Michner. In August 1933, Globočnik was arrested for the first time, for attempting to contact imprisoned Nazis in Klagenfurt. This was also the same year that he became a member of the Austrian SS.

His first documented activity for the NSDAP occurred in 1931, when his name appeared in documents relating to the spreading of propaganda for the party. By this point he had more or less abandoned his career as a building tradesman, and attached himself very closely to the NSDAP. One of his tasks for the NSDAP was to construct a courier and intelligence service, which channeled funds from the German Reich into Austria. His devotion to the Nazi cause paid off for Globočnik, as he quickly climbed the ladder of the party apparatus in his native Austria. The Anschluss saw the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany in early 1938.

Globočnik was rewarded for his diligence, being appointed Gauleiter of Vienna on 24 May 1938 by Adolf Hitler. In his early tenure as Gauleiter, Globočnik espoused Nazi anti-Jewish philosophy: “I will not recoil from radical interventions for the solution of Jewish questions. Later that same year he opened Vienna’s first anti-Semitic political exhibition, which was attended by 10,000 visitors on the first day. Early gestures of accommodation to the new government by Cardinal Innitzer did not assuage the Austrian Nazi radicals, foremost among them the young Gauleiter Globočnik. Globočnik was relieved of his post and stripped of his party honours in 1939, when it was discovered that he was involved in illegal foreign currency speculation.

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