Nokia n9 service manual pdf

Nokia n9 service manual pdf

A ll rights reserved Version 5. Page 3 FRONT CAMERA FLEX The purpose of this document is to help NOKIA service levels 1 and nokia n9 service manual pdf workshop technicians to carry out service to NOKIA products.

This Service Manual is to be used only by authorized NOKIA service suppliers, and the content of it is confidential. Page 4: Copyright Nokia operates a policy of continuous development. Nokia reserves the right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this document without prior notice. Under no circumstances shall Nokia be responsible for any loss of data or income or any special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages howsoever caused. Page 5: Warnings And Cautions 3. Use only approved components as specified in the parts list.

For more information and local requirements about ESD protection and ESD Protected Area, contact your local Nokia After Market Services representative. Page 7: Care And Maintenance All of the above suggestions apply equally to the product, battery, charger or any accessory. Page 8: Battery Information Batteries’ performance is particularly limited in temperatures well below freezing. Do not dispose batteries in a fire! Do not dispose as household waste. Page 11: Software Update To use the FLS-5 Flash Dongle, follow the user guide inside the sales package. Please check always for the latest version of flash software, which is available on Nokia Online.

Open the SIM DOOR by pulling the release notch to shown. Pull out and remove the SIM DOOR. Use the SRT-6 to open the left side of the DISPLAY between the DISPLAY ASSEMBLY and the PLASTIC ASSEMBLY. Be careful not to damage the shown flex located halfway the top side. Be careful not to damage the connectors or any nearby components. Remove the CHASSIS with the tweezers.

Use the sharp end of the SS-93 to lift up the BATTERY. Do not use it with the SS-93. Be careful not to damage the again. Lever out the IHF SPEAKER with the dental tool. Be careful not to damage yourself or any nearby components with the sharp end of the dental tool. Lift up and remove the CAMERA MODULE. Lever out the RAPU SHIELDING LID with the SS-93.

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