Nord lead 3 service manual

Nord lead 3 service manual

Using your Nord instrument should be an intuitive and straight-forward experience. If you encounter any difficulties the following sources nord lead 3 service manual information might prove helpful. Check the user manual  The user manual describes all functions of your instrument and is available in the Download section of this website. Download the latest OS  Bug-fixes and new funcionallity are sometimes available for your instrument.

Check the Download section of this website. Consult your point of purchase  Experienced professionals are available to answer questions regarding your instruments functionality as well as large set-up operations. In need of spare parts or maintenance? Warranty and maintenance is handled by our distributors, and in some cases by special service centers. Please consult your point of purchase for detailed information. After you have submitted your support request, it will be sent to our distributor in your country. A copy will also be CC’ed to the Nord HQ.

Read more about how we use your Personal Information in our Privacy Policy. An answer will then be delivered to the email address you stated in the support form. If you haven’t received an answer within a few working days, you may want to make sure that the reply hasn’t been mistakenly classified as junk mail by your email client or email provider. During holidays, summer vacation periods and weekends, the reply time can be somewhat longer.

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Alpine MRP-F250 Owner’s Manual 4 channel power amplifier. LISTE DE VERIFICATION DES CONNEXIONS . Fletchamstead Highway, Coventry CV4 9TW, U. 98, Rue de la Belle Etoile, Z. ACOPLAR LAS CUBIERTAS DEL TERMINAL . Conector de entrada del altavoz .

MRP-F250 le brinde muchos años de placer auditivo. MRP-F250, tome contacto con su dis- tribuidor autorizado ALPINE. PRECAUCIÓN: Estos controles sirven para la sintoni- zación de su sistema. Contacte por favor a su distri- buidor autorizado para el ajuste. Page 3: Caution, Attention, Prudencia PROBLEME. Le non-respect de cette précaution peut entraîner des blessures ou endommager l’appareil.

Retourner l’appareil auprès du distributeur Alpine agréé ou un centre de service après-vente Alpine en vue de la réparation. FAIRE INSTALLER LE CABLAGE ET L’APPAREIL PAR DES EXPERTS. MRP-F250, se produce un calor considerable cuando el amplificador está en funcionamiento. Por esta razón, el amplificador deberá montarse en una ubicación que permita la libre circulación de aire, como por ejemplo dentro del maletero. Attaching the terminal covers will improve the ap- pearance of the unit. If you add an optional noise suppressor, connect it as far away from the unit as possible. Your Alpine dealer carries various noise suppressors, contact them for further information.

Page 7 When not using the RCA Line Input connectors, you should connect these wires to the speaker output leads of your head unit. MRP-F250 accepts input from high power or standard power head units. NOTE: Use either RCA line level or speaker level inputs. Page 8: Connections Check List, Liste De Verification Des Connexions, Lista De VerificaciÓn De Conexiones Be sure to use a 3A fuse as close as possible to this ignition tap. MRP-F250 will turn on and stay on as long as the ignition switch is on. Page 9: Switch Settings, Reglages De Commutateur, Ajustes Del Interruptor 50 et 400 Hz comme point de recouvrement. En utilisant une cassette ou de préférence un CD comme source, augmenter le volume de l’unité principale jusqu’à ce que le son s’altère.

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