Pentax s2 service manual

Pentax s2 service manual

At ACR we specialize in the MAIL ORDER Camera Repair and Restoration of Classic manual focus 35mm SLRs dating from 1960 to pentax s2 service manual. We can repair many of the classic manual focus SLRs that no longer have factory parts available, and many cameras that other repair shops say are unrepairable. Most of the cameras sent to ACR stopped working years ago and were stored. Basic repair of the camera to good working order.

Replacement of film door foam seals. The mirror cage is removed to lubricate the shutter bearings and all internal parts that are deep inside the camera. The Refurbishment is our best restoration service for classic 35mm SLRs. Restoration means a super detailed cleaning, inspection and lubrication service. Internal parts that show excessive wear are replaced with good used parts.

Includes bad viewfinder prisms and most shutters. External parts that show excessive wear will be replaced at owners request with good used parts. Some owners prefer to keep the original appearance. Any areas of internal rust or corrosion are removed. Have you checked the foam seal around your camera film door lately? You may be getting yellow streaks from light leaks.

Have you checked the mirror foam bumper on your camera lately? It may be causing your mirror to delay or damaging your shutter. Have you checked the viewfinder for sand and dust lately? Are your pictures constantly under or over exposed? We can check the meter and adjust it.

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