Phonic cards pdf

Phonic cards pdf

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Free ESL Games – grammar games, vocabulary games, and phonics programs. Learn fun facts about the Army language and test your skills with our free test worksheets. Alphabet lingo known as the NATO phonetic alphabet or NATO spelling alphabet is the alphabet used by army. It allows military personnel to communicate with one another effectively in army jargon. Telephony – through vocal methods by speaking.

Alpha for A, Bravo for B, Charlie for C, Delta for D, Echo for E, Foxtrot for F, Golf for G, Hotel for H, India for I, Juliet for J, Kilo for K, Lima for L, Mike for M, November for N, Oscar for O, Papa for P, Quebec for Q, Romeo for R, Sierra for S, Tango to T, Uniform for U, Victor for V, Whiskey for W, Xray for X, Yankee for Y and Zulu for Z. The letter names are created in such a way to prevent any confusion with other similar sounding alphabet letters. Radio – by way of using the Morse code. Individuals skilled with interpreting Morse code can easily decode the signals received to read the message and understand the meaning. The entire Army Alphabet terminology is made of English words and letters, and allows letters and numbers to be transmitted for communication between parties.

World War 2 in years 1913, 1927 and 1938, the present and official modern day phonetic alphabet was adopted in 1957 and is still being used today in it’s current form. View and download The Army Phonetic alphabet chart which contains the full set of phonetic alphabets and designations for each letter in a table. It is also used by the National Guard and other important Government departments. Other countries such as Russia, China and others use different versions in their own languages. Download our free book in printable pdf format which contains the full set of phonetic alphabets used by the Army.

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