Planmeca promax user manual

Planmeca promax user manual

Page 3: Table Of Contents 12. 1 Patient positioning with target movement 3 cm 64 13. Page 4: Table Of Contents IEC 60364 – equipment is used according to the operating instructions Planmeca pursues a policy of continual product planmeca promax user manual. Although every effort is made to produce up-to-date product documentation this publication should not be regarded as an infallible guide to current specifications.

We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice. Page 5: Introduction You need a PC with the Planmeca Romexis program in order to save, view and modify the images. NOTE The X-ray unit may be used by health care professionals only. Installation Manual, Original English publication: 10014600 NOTE The latest versions of the User’s Manuals are available on Planmeca’s website. Page 8: Safety Precautions CAUTION The patient positioning lights are laser lights. Do not stare into the laser beam.

CAUTION Do not drop the sensor. Planmeca limited warranty does not cover damage which is due to misuse, e. Page 9 NOTE Contact your service technician if you have taken an exposure but the image does not appear in the Planmeca Romexis program. The last ten images can be manually imported into Romexis. NOTE Never place or hang any objects on any part of the X- ray unit.

Page 10 NOTE Patients are not allowed to hang on the patient handles. NOTE FOR PROFACE SENSOR: Do not touch the glass windows. Fingerprints or other stains on the glass surface destroy image quality. Page 14: Patient Supports Patient supports 5. Head band 25 2 Temple pads for children 2.

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