Previ color gram user manual

Previ color gram user manual

Laboratory automation in clinical bacteriology: what system to choose? Hyundai Sonata User Manual Digital navigation system. All Map Previ color gram user manual cannot be copied without permission.

All rights not expressly granted are reserved. AM Mode : automatically searches for the previous or next broadcast frequency and starts playing. XM Mode : receives the previous or next channel. CD Mode : plays the previous or next track. Page 5 Steering wheel remote controller Press this key for over 0.

AM Mode : quickly moves through the Press this key when the Power is turned off frequencies while the key is pressed. Page 6: Basic Operation And Setting Turning the Power OFF Basic operation and setting System Power ON If the knob is pressed for over 0. 8 INFORMATION Turning the Power ON second, a beep will sound and the system 1. Turn the ignition key onto ACC or ON. If the As system booting starts from the point the power will be turned off. Page 7 How to operate menu by voice Selecting an item in a list Sorting items from list command Conditions for voice recognition system Most of the functions within the Audio and Navigation system can be operated by voice. Please follow the instructions below for opti- mal voice recognition performance.

TREB can be adjusted by using information on the three EQ settings. AM broadcast frequency Program Service name : displays the pro- gram service name if data is being broad- If the is on OFF state, text will not be There are 3 ways to select the broadcast fre- cast. Page 12 Voice Command Voice Command Press the key on the steering wheel Press the key on the steering wheel remote controller. After the beep sound, say a command.

HD Radio related icon display 1. Select a channel receiving HD Radio broad- HD Radio Broadcasts can be turned on and off will become active when within regions cast automatically or manually and press the for HD Radio FM and AM mode. Page 14 Voice Command Selecting XM broadcast channel button : displays the channel or category list. Page 15 INFORMATION Voice Command The previous screen will be restored and the selected channel will begin playing. Press the key on the steering wheel XM3 modes can be stored using the above remote controller. Disc Type Disc Media DIsc Format Always pay full attention to driving.

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