Ptc integrity tool user guide

Ptc integrity tool user guide

The faster way to better medical devices Stratasys 3D Printing solutions bring you realistic anatomical models that mimic human tissue and bone. Explore ptc integrity tool user guide scenarios in preclinical tests or physician demos. Solutions fit for each patient Create patient inspired anatomical models on demand. Provide medical staff the ability to train and prepare for procedures with greater efficiency and confidence.

Rely on Performance Begin short production runs using the same processes and materials as your mass-produced medical-device product. Speed to Care Medical device manufacturers can release proven products faster. Sky’s the Limit If there’s an idea that will help you fly with less weight, reduced complexity, or simpler production, consider it a possibility. Our solutions give you the freedom to produce complex geometries not possible with other manufacturing processes.

Our FDM process also allows you to be secure that your produced designs are flightworthy and able to handle the rigors of real-world application. Heads Up Solutions Many times the most complex and demanding aerospace manufacturing needs have limited runs. You don’t need a wholly reworked production line to make them real. With 3D additive manufacturing, you can address customized needs at a fraction of the cost and time.

We can help you eliminate unnecessary steps and costs of production like machining, lathe work, welding, and tooling without sacrificing product quality, and in many cases, improving it. Cleared for Takeoff Aerospace engineering requires the coordination of very complex systems that are constantly changing and adapting to innovation. We can help you quickly solve design challenges before you commit to expensive and time-consuming tooling and production. Dassault Systèmes Dassault Systemes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, provides businesses and individuals with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations. Its world-leading solutions transform the way products are designed, produced and supported. Stratasys shares Dassault Systemes’ vision for a fully integrated, end-to-end design to additive manufacturing solution.

They are collaborating to provide next-generation design tools that improve the functionality, efficiency and weight ratio of additively manufactured production parts. PTC and Stratasys have jointly developed a seamless design-to-print workflow within PTC Creo 3. 0, integrating informed design specification, file preparation, print optimization and print execution for Stratasys 3D Printers. Siemens Siemens AG is a global technology powerhouse.

Siemens Digital Factory offers a comprehensive portfolio that supports manufacturing companies worldwide, to enhance flexibility and efficiency of their manufacturing processes and reduce the time to market of their products. Together, Siemens and Stratasys are working to incorporate additive manufacturing into the traditional manufacturing workflow, helping it become a recognized production method for multiple industries, including aerospace and automotive. Solidworks Powered by the Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, SOLIDWORKS 3D applications help engineers and designers succeed through innovation. Stratasys and SOLIDWORKS have a shared vision of helping designers create, iterate and innovate faster. Together, they’re collaborating to further simplify key functions in CAD-to-3D print workflow. Green-Light Innovative Thinking Without Limits Unleash the imagination of your designers and manufacturers with solutions that bring their ideas to life, free from the usual time or financial constraints. Shape the way cars are imagined, and produced, from scaled model to real world application.

Create Big Impact in Small Production Runs Simply and affordably produce low volume or one-off parts, tools, jigs, and fixtures without wasting valuable resources. With the latest advancements in 3D printed materials, you can produce customized parts for limited use or parts that eventually become street-ready customizations on the final vehicle. Simplify production to work smarter Increase assembly line efficiency while reducing your investment in parts, processes, and materials. 3D printing solutions enable you to create meticulously engineered assembly aids, tools, and parts that are lighter, more ergonomically designed, and able to withstand demanding automotive environments.

Fast-Track Ideas Into Production Go from the design studio to the factory floor in a fraction of the time it takes other development processes. Prototype, test, and produce all manner of tools, jigs, fixtures, and street-ready parts with unprecedented speed and efficiency. In many cases you can save months, possibly years, in putting the market in your rear view. Streamline From Innovation to Production Never has the ability to blend aesthetics and function been so immediate.

Let your designers produce any form they can imagine, in real space and time. It is innovation made real, as soon as you can make it happen. Make it Personal Win customers by building products around individual consumer needs and wants. By keeping your design-to-production process lean, you can cost effectively design and create products for the qualities consumers demand. Simplicity is Smart Business Get better results by removing steps and complexity from your workflow.

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