Rca 25255re2 user manual

Rca 25255re2 user manual

RCA ViSYS 25255RE2 User Manual 2-line intercom speakerphone dect6. Telephone Rca 25255re2 user manual 25250 User Manual 2-line intercom speakerphone dect6. Page 3 Privacy of communications may not be ensured when using this phone.

Page 6: Table Of Contents Table of Contents Cont. Page 7: Parts Checklist, Telephone Jack Requirements Introduction CAUTION: When using telephone equipment, there are basic safety instructions that should always be followed. Refer to the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS provided with this product and save them for future reference. Page 8: Digital Security System, Important Installation Guidelines Installation Digital Security System Your cordless phone uses a digital security system to protect against false ringing, unauthorized access, and charges to your phone line. INSTALLATION NOTE: Some cordless telephones operate at frequencies that may cause or receive interference with nearby TVs, microwave ovens, and VCRs. Page 12: Base Station Base Station fl NOTE: If the low battery icon appears in the display, you need to replace the batteries.

It is important that you replace them as soon as possible to maintain unit operation when electrical power is off. As a precaution, you may want to write down any stored information you do not want erased. Page 15: Programming The Phone, Standby Screen, Programming Functions, Phone Setting Programming the Phone Standby Screen NOTE: The Soft keys will change according to the status of the unit. Use the dial-pad to enter digits for the current time and date. PM softkey to set the time AM or PM.

From the Phone Setting Menu: Dial Mode SELECT 3. SELECT NOTE: The Dial mode only can be set in the base menu. Note: This wireless headset option is only compatible with the RCA 25065RE1. Off Note: Only one cordless Headset may pair with a base unit. Page 21: Ring Volume, Key Tone, Voice Mail Ring Volume From the Sound Settings Menu: Ring Volume SELECT 3. The default setting is VOL 3.

OGA will be played to the caller according to the office time you set. 2 rings to 6 rings or toll saver. SELECT NOTE: When the Toll saver is selected, the unit will answer the incoming call after 3 rings if there is new message. Page 25: Restore Setting Remote Password From the Answering Sys Menu: Remote Password SELECT 000. Use the Clear Soft key to delete the current Remode password,then use the touch-tone pad to enter your desired 3-digit security code. SAVE NOTE: Use the Clear soft key or Delete button can delete the exist numbers and then enter the new password.

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