Robe 575 xt user manual

Robe 575 xt user manual

Robe SPOT 250 XT on manualslib. Robe SPOT 250 XT User Robe 575 xt user manual Robe xt series moving-head spot user manual. Keep this device away from rain and moisture!

Unplug mains lead before opening the housing! FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY, PLEASE READ THIS USER MANUAL CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU INITIAL START – UP! Safety instructions Every person involved with installation and maintenance of this device have to: – be qualilfied – follow the instructions of this manual CAUTION! Operating determinations This device is a moving-head spot for creating decorative effects and was designed for indoor use only. The arising condensation water might damage your device. Page 5: Description Of The Device 3. Install the lamps with the device switched off only.

4 Phillips screws on the front and rear sides of the top cover. Page 7: Lamp Adjustment Screw “A” Screw “B” The SPOT 250 XT lampholder is aligned at the factory. Due to differences between lamps, fine adjustment may improve light performance. Unscrew the knurled-head screw on the plate of the light-output. Install the gobos with the device switched off only.

Page 10 Fixation via a mounting plate 1. Page 11: Changing The Power Supply Settings 4. 6 Changing the power supply settings Both the transformer and the ballast must be connected correctly for the local AC voltage and frequency. The wrong settings can cause poor performance or demage of the moving head. The factory settings are printed next to the power switch. Page 12: Connection To The Mains 4.

7 Connection to the mains Connect the fixture to the mains with the enclosed power cable and plug. The earth has to be connected! A relay inside of the SPOT 250 XT allows you to switch on and off the lamp via the control panel or via your DMX- controller without affecting the rest of the lighting. Page 16: Stand – Alone Mode Fans The SPOT 250 XT is cooled by three axial fans – two in the projector head and one in the base. Page 17: Functions Of The Control Panel 8. Functions of the control panel The control panel situated on the front side of the base offers several features. On and Off the lamp, run test, make a reset and also use many functions for setting and service purposes.

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