Samsung vrt washer user manual

Samsung vrt washer user manual

Enter the characters samsung vrt washer user manual see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. AA Trouble Shooting Guide Technical Information 4.

A1 Technical Information Trouble shooting guide user manual ver. Washer Owner’s Manual Register your product at www. Page 2 The washer also has fewer moving parts, meaning fewer repairs. Woolmark Company specification for machine washable wool products. Fabrics should be washed according to the instructions on the garment label as specified by Woolmark and Samsung. Do not reach into the appliance when the tumbler is moving. Do not let children play on or in your Washer.

Close supervision is a must when children are near the Washer. Page 4: Table Of Contents CHECK THESE POINTS IF YOUR WASHER. Page 5: Installing Your Washer, Unpacking Your Washer, Overview Of Your Washer Installing Your Washer UNPACKING YOUR WASHER Unpack your Washer and inspect it for shipping damage. Make sure you have received all of the items shown below. If your Washer was damaged during shipping, or you do not have all of the items, contact 1-800- SAMSUNG. Page 7: Drain Facility, Flooring, Location Considerations, Alcove Or Closet Installation Never install your Washer on a platform or weakly supported structure. LOCATION CONSIDERATIONS Do not install your Washer in areas where water may freeze, since your Washer will always maintain some water in its water valve, pump, and hose areas.

Doesn’t have any carpeting that will obstruct ventilation openings. STEP 3 Installing your Washer 1. Level your Washer by turning the leveling legs in or out as necessary by hand. When your Washer is level, tighten the nuts using the wrench included with your Washer. When washing heavily soiled loads, not overloading your Washer is very important to assure good cleaning results.

The estimated cycle time will appear in the display. The time may fluctuate to better indicate the wash time remaining in the cycle. Before your Washer starts to fill, it will make a series of clicking noises to check the door lock and do a quick drain. Page 13: Temperature Selection Button, Spin Selection Button Medium – Use for jeans, wrinkle-free or wash-and-wear items and synthetics. Low – Use for delicate items needing a slow spin speed because of fabric and construction.

No Spin – Drains your Washer without spinning. Use for extremely delicate items that cannot tolerate any spin. Page 14 Press to pause and restart programs. Power button Press once to turn your Washer on, press again to turn your Washer off.

If your Washer is left on for more than 10 minutes without any buttons being touched, the power automatically turns off. Pause button unlocks the door, unless the water is too hot or if there is too much water in your Washer. Technology helps to remove many bacteria and mold species from inside the washer, the drum of the machine, and its internal parts. NOTE: If using liquid detergent, lower the detergent selector and add the detergent to the detergent compartment. Use the softener compartment ONLY for liquid fabric softeners.

It will not add fabric softener at the appropriate time. Brand names are trademarks of their respective manufacturers. Page 19: Maintaining Your Washer, Cleaning The Interior, Cleaning The Dispensers, Storing Your Washer Turn off the water faucets after finishing the day’s washing. This will shut off the water supply to your Washer and prevent the unlikely possibility of damage from escaping water.

Leave the door open to allow the inside of your Washer to dry out. Make sure your Washer is set on a level surface. If the surface is not level, adjust your Washer feet to level the appliance. Make sure that the shipping bolts are removed. This is a normal function of the automatic temperature control feature as your Washer determines the temperature of the water.

Page 22: Information Codes Troubleshooting INFORMATION CODES Information codes may be displayed to help you better understand what is occurring with your Washer. Code Symbol Meaning Unbalanced load prevented your Washer from spinning. Door is unlocked when Washer is running. Door is open when Washer is running.

Page 23 Then, it will go back to the operation. When it finishes washing, End and SUdS codes will blink in turn. Restart the cycle by pressing the Cycle Selector dial. C for detergent activation and effective cleaning.

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