Scania v8 service manual

Scania v8 service manual

This is especially important if the engine has a remote starter or automatic starting. Page 2: Foreword FOREWORD This instruction manual describes the operation and maintenance of the Scania D11, DC11 scania v8 service manual DI11 Industrial Engines.

These instructions apply to engines in program 96 from engine number 5 364 870. The engines are direct injection, fluid-cooled, four-stroke diesel engines with 6 cylinders in line. Page 3: Table Of Contents FILTER INSERT 24 CHANGING THE SAFETY CARTRIDGE . Page 4: Type Designations The actual output setting of the engine is indicated on the engine card. Page 6: Starting And Running If there is no danger of freezing: Coolant should be topped up – Only Scania Anti-corrosive should be used in the coolant to protect when the engine is stopped against corrosion.

Page 7: Checks Before Running If the fuel tank has been run dry or if the engine has not been used for a long time, bleed the fuel system, see page 26. Out of consideration to our common environment, your new Scania engine has been designed to be started with less fuel. Unnecessarily large fuel supply at start will always result in the release of uncombusted fuel. Use only start aids recommended by Scania. The starter motor may only be used for 30 seconds, after which it must rest for 2 minutes.

Page 9: Running RUNNING Check instruments and warning lamps at regular intervals. Speed The Scania tachometer is divided into different coloured sections as follows. 0 – 500 rpm red area: prohibited speed, passed when starting and stopping. 500 – 700 rpm yellow area: low idle. Pull the link- age system to the stop position using this knob if it is not possible to stop the engine using the stop solenoid. Page 11: Clutch – If there is a risk of freezing, the cooling system must be drained if it does not contain sufficient anti-freeze, see page 19. Page 13: Maintenance Schedule More often if required For engines with few operating hours, see page 12.

Earlier if low pressure indicator shows red. If inhibitor has not been topped up for five years, coolant should be changed. Page 14: Lubrication Oil System 0. The oil should be able to cope – Viscosities as illustrated. At very low outside temperatures: Consult your nearest Scania repre- variations up until the next sentative to avoid difficulties. Page 15: Checking Oil Level, Oil Change Maximum angle of inclination during operation Maximum permitted angles during operation vary depending on the type of oil sump, see drawing. Given angles may only be used intermittently.

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